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Why We Divide Ourselves

Why We Divide Ourselves

Headlines: “Americans are creating their own vaccine mandates by cutting ties with the unvaccinated.” Market Watch by Weston Blast


30% of Millenials & Get Zers in the U.S. have cut ties with a friend, family member or acquaintance because of no vaccination

Fear driven without much critical thinking

Here are the Coronavirus cases, deaths and recovery as of November 20, 2021.

  • Cases: 257,144,921

  • Deaths: 5,159,088

  • Recovery: 232,187,636

Looks look at what the Flu has done

  • Cases: 9 million–41 million illnesses

  • 140,000–710,000 hospitalizations

  • Deaths: 290,000-650,000

  • Question: How long have we as a people been dealing with the Flu? How many people in the last 10 years alone based on the numbers shown have died?

  • Why are we not panicking about it?

An Orchestrated Divide; and it is working.

  • Health and Life seems to be our idols

  • They would do anything to preserve, even cutting off the ones that make life even worth fight for.

  • I believe it gives people a sense of purpose who otherwise deep down are still searching for one inside.

  • The science they claim to to follow do not support their claims, but in this “my feelings” matter society we live in, they will chalk these numbers up to be some sort of white privilege and now you are the problem.

What causes quarrels? Fights?

  • James 4:1-4

  • Passion: In greek depending on its context can carry with it different meanings. In this context it is speaking of Pleasure, motives- self-interest and desires

  • The NIV version reads as “Don’t, they come from your desires that battle within you?”

  • See we do not realize that all we need to do is ask God, we don’t have what it is that we want because we do not bother to ask him. Most people these days won’t even acknowledge He is there so of course the last thing they will think to do is ask Him for anything.

  • You might say that you have prayed to God and have asked Him and nothing has changed.

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